Put your name in lights – and your messages too – with this A4 Cinematic Lightbox. 90 characters, letters, emojis and symbols are included so you can give all your messages a retro look. Flick the switch and watch your slogans glow in a soft yellow/white light. Rear storage is provided for safe keeping of the unused letters. Powered by battery or USB.


  • Cinematic Lightbox.
  • Battery or USB powered *
  • Desk or wall mounted
  • Rear storage for letters.
  • Size approximately: 21 x 30cm.

* Micro USB lead not included, but product will work with any micro USB cable.

Put anything you like in lights – your name, sayings, memes, funny quotes, and your messages too. 85 characters, letters and symbols are included. So you can make any sort of interesting or topical message. With #tags included. Flick the switch and watch