To reduce the amount of plastic used in the making of this reusable coffee cup, BPA-free Melamine is mixed in equal quantities with coffee grounds that would otherwise have been thrown away. By taking your own reusable cup to your coffee shop, you can say no to single-use plastic and plastic-lined disposable cups. Your barista can mix your coffee in a glass container and then pour it into your cup without having to touch it.14 ( h ) cmMelamine, coffee grounds & silicone400ml cup with a screw-on lidHeat-resistant silicone bandUse & CareWash before first useDo not use in the microwaveCan be washed in the dishwasherCautionUse with care when consuming hot beveragesDo not overfillEnsure lid is secure before drinkingDo not hold the cup with hot contents without the silicone sleeve