The multi-purpose pack.  Consists of a tubular bandana to be used in replacement of a mask and a 50ml bottle of hand sanitiser in a lanyard pouch with a carabiner, this item can be clipped on to your lanyard at events, on to your belt loop or school bag, so you always have hand sanitiser on the go, all packaged together in a pouch to get your brand logo on the move. The 50ml hand sanitiser has Tea Tree Oil which colours the liquid with a slightly yellow hue.tubular bandana: 50 ( l ) x 25 ( w)100% polyesterhand sanitiser: 8.9 ( l ) x 4.3 ( w ) x 2.6 ( h )bottle: PETpouch: neoprene50mlcontains isopropyl alcohol > 70%pouch: 22 ( l ) x 15.5 ( w )PE