As it goes almost everywhere with you, your cellphone is likely to pick up germs. That’s why it’s important to clean it regularly. The Eva & Elm spritzer and microfibre cloth in this kit are perfect for that. This set also includes a set of earbuds to keep you connected and enjoying all of your favourite content, music, podcasts, and videos on your sparkling clean phone.

wet wipe: 7.4 (l) x 8 (w) • 1 x anti-bacterial wet wipe microfibre cloth: 10 (l) x 10 (w) • microfibre earbuds & pouch: pouch: 10.3 (l) x 9.9 (w) • 300D • includes handy carry pouch • earbuds: ABS & PVC

R1,00 per unit sold will be donated to the National Solidarity Fund