A wine glass for every occasion.  This wine glass set will redefine your wine
drinking experience! Courtesy of the Andy Cartwright ‘Afrique’ Dusk
Collection. Enjoy these subtle ornate, thin stemmed wine glasses with your
family and friends. Crafted from lead-free crystal for a refreshing taste every
time. Bringing timeless elegance to modern-day life. Inspired by dusk — the last
remnants of twilight vividly etching golden hues overhead a pure black velvet

glass: 9.8 ( l ) x 9.8 ( w ) x 22.5 ( h ) cm
box: 28.5 ( l ) x 25 ( w ) x  12 ( h ) cm
lead-free crystal with gold plating
2 x 465ml wine glasses
Andy Cartwright black presentation box