All the school stationery you need and more. 32-Piece Stationery bundle
consisting of the following: 10 x Orange Ball Point Pens, 5 x Blue Ball Point
Pens, 3 x Hi-Clean Erasers, 2 x Pencil Sharpeners, 1 x 12-Piece Twist Crayons, 3
x Glue Sticks 36g, 1 x 12-Piece Coloured Pencil Sets, 1 x Highlighters Set
(4-Pack), 2 x Whiteboard Markers (Black and Blue), 1 x 12-Piece HB Pencil Set, 1
x Steel Pair of Scissors (Orange), 1 x Denim Pencil Case and 1 X 8 Digit Pocket