Another day, another meeting and less and less people are giving you a 100% focus. Time to strategize on how to get your event/meeting/webinar back on track!

In the new digital world people are overwhelmed with screen time being at an all time high and look forward to downtime but more importantly picking and choosing with a lot more vigor on what gets the most attention. Magazine Subscriptions have picked up and one of the top gifts for 2021 is Mind focused and well being gifting. With ever shrinking budgets it is vital that every cent is accounted for and here are some key thoughts to get that perfect gift to your attendee’s and create the focus and attention that you are looking for.

Think small not cheap.

A small item can have a great impact without breaking the bank. The smaller the item the more cost effective individual courier is.

No breakables

Going small means smaller packages so do not send anything breakable, nothing worse than a well meaning, well thought out gift that arrives broken

Think Added Value

Add something in your package that will be of absolute value to the webinar/event/meeting but have a digital copy for those late attendee’s.

Inform the Attendee

Make sure you inform the attendee to look out for the attendance package so they know that it is coming. ( Sounds obvious but one of the key elements that gets missed in the rsvp forms)

Human contact

Most important – to make sure the attendee receives the package, have a quick mail or a call.

Here’s to making your digital world filled with physical gifting!

Need help with gift ideas, organizing and planning, drop us a mail and we will be happy to assist.